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Personal statement you wrote for me is outstanding! By using it I got accepted to Boston University and Stanford. This paper meant a lot and it did the job. Thank you.

Jessie, AZ

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Home » Peculiarities of Good Personal Statements

There are a lot of requirements in applying for a Medical school, Graduate School, and Law School .Some of these requirements are your grades, diploma and more. However, it is your personal statement that will capture the attention of the admission committee. If you have a good personal statement, then the admission committee will know your character. If your personal statement is impressive, then you will earn a pass to the school you want to attend to. There are certain factors that you must consider in making good personal statements. If you consider these peculiarities, you will surely enter the educational institution that you want to study in.


In order for you to write good personal statements, you must first think of your audience. You must show the admission committees what kind of person you are, because this is usually what they look for in your statement. Make sure you address these needs that the admission committees look for.


The next peculiar thing you must consider in writing good personal statements is the introduction. To have an interesting introduction for good personal statements, you can start with a quote, something humorous or a childhood story. You don’t have to make it so overrated to grab the attention of your readers. However, a boring introduction will make your readers expect less from your personal statement.


In showing your character or what kind of person you are, you can site examples instead of telling what kind of person you are. This can help you create good personal statements. Instead of saying “I am a good writer,” you can say, “When I was in high school, I was the editor-in-chief of our school paper.” You can use the experiences you have in your life in describing yourself to be able to write good personal statements.


To write really good personal statements, you must include in your article how excited you are for your future. You can write the things you want to gain and learn in studying in the certain educational institution where you want to enter. You can write you goals for the future in that educational institution to write good personal statements.


To have really good personal statements, you can approach other people such as your friends, family and teachers and ask opinions about the personal statement you wrote.

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