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I received my personal statement right on time and I liked the way it was written! Your personal statements writing service is great! Thank you very much for help.

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Home » How to Write Personal Statements for Residency

Residency is the final leg for a person who is pursuing a career as a doctor. This will help a medical graduate get a job in a hospital or in a health care facility. This program may last from three to eight months. The applicant will be working under a resident doctor at the hospital or at the health care facility during this program. Medical graduates are required to formally apply for this program if they want to work under a resident doctor in a hospital or in the facility. Personal statements for residency is one of the most important requirements that a medical graduate must have in applying for a residency program. This is the biggest chance of a medical graduate to enter into a residency program. This is why, the medical graduate must write his residency personal statements the best way he can.

Residency Personal Statement Introduction

The first thing to do in writing your personla statements residency is by grabbing the attention of the readers in your introduction. Start with your theme and why you chose to pursue this specific field of medicine. You can do this by starting your introduction with quotes, anecdotes and touching experiences. Just make sure that it is not too cliché or overrated.

Discussion In Your Residency Personal Statement

After the attention grabbing in the introduction part, you must have a transition towards the discussion part. Make sure that your sentences and paragraphs are coherent as you make the transition. You can write you discussion by using concrete examples that will tell the admission committee of the residency program what made you decide on studying the field of medicine you have chosen. After that, you must explain what you are expecting from the residency program. You must explain what impressed you in that certain residency program you are applying for. You must also discuss why that certain residency program best fits you.

Residency Personal Statements Conclusion

Finally, you must have a conclusion for your personal statements for residency. You can conclude it by discussing your goals for working on a residency program. Talk about the impact that the residency program can bring to your career and how you can accomplish your goals in this program. This will surely help you have the best personal statements for residency that will set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

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